About Us

Abundant sunshine makes solar a no-brainer energy resource for California.

Across the state, there is a growing number of Californians who are turning rooftops, parking lots, trellises, and more into mini-power centers to generate energy for homes, farms, schools, and businesses. This solar power generation has meant more jobs, a stronger economy, and reduction in air emissions.

Unfortunately not everyone wants more Californians to invest in solar. Large utility companies are fighting to maintain their monopoly and their profits. This effort would mean limiting consumer choices and making it more challenging to become energy independent.

That’s where California Solar CitiSuns comes in. All Californians should be encouraged and enabled to share in the benefits of local solar energy. Our mission is to bring more solar power to more consumers by:

• Protecting the investments of Californians who have already gone solar.

• Advocating for Californians who want to join this clean energy future.


What is California Solar CitiSuns?

California Solar CitiSuns is an independent, community-based organization that represents Californians who have invested in solar for their homes and businesses. We are the voice for the solar consumer focused on defending and supporting pro-solar policies in California. We are independent, meaning we don’t affiliate or support any particular political party.

We represent everyday Californians who have invested in solar and want to see that opportunity protected and extended to our neighbors, families and friends. We believe in the power of the consumer voice. Hundreds of thousands of voices of real people have the ability to drown out the millions of dollars monopolies spend lobbying in Sacramento – but only if we work together.

California Solar CitiSuns provides an opportunity for solar consumers to unite and let our state's elected officials know why pro-solar policies are important to consumers, to our community, and to our future.


Who is California Solar CitiSuns?

We are California consumers who have invested in solar energy, be that a solar electric system (photovoltaic), a solar hot water system or a solar hot water system for swimming pools. We are one of:

• The 350,000+ people, businesses and organizations that have invested in a local solar electric, or photovoltaic (PV), system.

• The 175,000+ people who have invested in a solar hot water system for their home, business, or school.

• A growing number of renters who are being given the ability to go solar through creative net metering policies like “virtual net metering.”

• A growing number of farmers, school administrators, hoteliers, multi-family housing developers, and more who have realized that investing in solar energy make good business sense.

We believe that everyone should have the right to generate his or her own power directly from the sun and that no monopoly company or special interest should try to block or “own” the sun. We believe that when people work together to organize and put political pressure on our policy makers, we can make our communities, our state, and our world a better place.

California Solar CitiSuns is an independent community-based 501c4 organization. It is a organization created for Californians who have invested in rooftop solar on their homes or businesses. California Solar CitiSuns operates with an independent board of directors and advisory board. Meet the Solar CitiSuns Board of Directors. Solar Citisuns' founding partner is CalSEIA who is supportive of the organization’s commitment to be an independent voice for the solar consumer.